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Embracing the Sea

Full of light and warmth, Tampa embraces its nautical history through architectural design.

Technology + Innovation

Our Tampa office engages the wooden boat feel throughout. Just as technology has had a profound effect on the efficiency of shipping, ImageNet’s office technologies can provide incredible savings through a reduction in unnecessary printing and storage of documents.

A Great Place to Work

The clean lines in the design of our office exhibit ImageNet’s ability to help businesses streamline their business processes. No paper in our offices demonstrate how a paperless office can drive cost savings while improving the speed at which a business operates.


The lack of paper in the office can cause a conundrum with what to do with unneeded paperclips. We decided that they would make a great design feature. They represent the value of Managed Print Services and Electronic Content Management. Our team of workflow consultants design an efficient process to move your documents electronically throughout the office without the use of paper.

Inside the Ship

Our conference room puts you inside the captain’s quarters. Digital Displays are strategically placed in the design to demonstrate our team’s ability to design and install a state of the art conference room. Our displays provide multiple uses through video conferencing, electronic marker boards and presentations.