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You're teaching the future leaders of the world. We're here to help make your job easier with the technology to transform your classroom.

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3D Printing

Real world applications. Cross-subject collaboration. Curriculums for all ages and abilities.


Bridge the Gap Between Subjects and Build Real World Experiences


Discover how 3D printing opens the door to helping your students build, create, and engage like never before.

3D Printing for Schools:

  • Bridge the gap between science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.
  • Help your students discover and learn real-life applications with fun, hands-on projects.
  • Better, faster service with intuitive 3D printing software and dependable support.

Build a 3D printing educational program of your own with 3D printing technology from incredible brands like HP, Ultimaker, and Artec. Plus, get the materials and support you need to bring the power of 3D printing into the classroom today!

3D Printing Resources

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3D Printing ROI Calculator

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Ways We Help

Managed Print

Open the possibility for your students and teachers to print and work any time, any place to accomplish their goals.


Connecting Student Bring-Your-Own (BYOD) Devices to Campus Printers When On or Off the Network.


Utilize the power of smart print management tools.

Deploying, configuring, and managing a fleet of print devices today requires understanding where and how students and faculty need to print. With BYOD or district supplied devices, count on consistent, easy access to printers with Managed Print Services.

  • Easy to deploy and secure solutions with complete visibility and control of your network printers, how users print to them, and audit capabilities in case of a breach.
  • Automation allowing user self-service while limiting security vulnerabilities.
  • Integration into your existing student information systems, such as PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, Blackbaud, and many more.

Learn more about how our Managed Print Services, with support from partners like PaperCut and XMedius, build a better classroom experience for students and teachers alike!

Managed Print Resources

Contactless Printing


Transforming Print Security as We Know It


Reduce Data Theft with Secure Printing


Audio/Visual Solutions

The ability to teach from the classroom or from the living room is now a must. Reach your students where ever they are.


Teaching with Remote Classrooms is Impossible to Manage with Old Technology


We're here to retrofit your classroom tech to help you teach from anywhere.

Remote Classroom Tech:

  • Easy-to-use digital displays, cameras and mics.
  • Rolling classrooms – Replacing old projector carts with all the tech you need to host class that can travel from room to room with you.
  • Classroom technology for social distancing or remote class.


Publishing and Managing Digital Communications Across Your Campus is Difficult to Maintain


Discover easy, cross-campus communication with Wallboard's content creation + publishing platform.

  • One, cohesive message across campus for staff or students.
  • Advertise events or programs, celebrate wins, cheer on students and staff.
  • With the push of a button, your message is shared across campuses.

Get the technology to transform your classroom, department, and campus today!

Audio/Visual Resources

ImageNet's Digital Signage Platform, powered by Wallboard