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Enterprise Content Services

Technology to Improve Citizen Engagement, Streamline Requests, & Automate Workflows


More Citizen Requests Than Ever with Fewer Staff to Provide Support


A Public, Online Portal

A secure, online portal to help you inform, engage, and support your citizens. With a custom-built, online portal, citizens can:

  • Securely submit requests
  • View and request access to public records
  • Submit government forms and payments


Contactless Spaces Require Digital Access and Automated Processes


Electronic Forms

Digital forms allow citizens to find and submit forms and payments from anywhere. Those forms automatically route to the proper department for review, processing, and approval.

E-forms help government organizations:

  • Digitize processes and enable service availability while a physical presence isn't possible.
  • Process requests and payments with either remote or in-office staff.
  • Create fast, easy access to government support and information.

ImageNet's Enterprise Content Services help Government agencies reach citizens through online spaces with the support and information they need.

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Managed Print


Maintaining Enterprise Level Security in a Hybrid Printing and Working Environment


Print Security Advisory Services

More than simple printer security or document security, our print infrastructure evaluation reviews your security policy across all endpoints, ensuring compliance, and better security throughout your business.

With ImageNet Print Security Advisory Services, you get:

  • Comprehensive and agnostic print infrastructure evaluations.
  • Cohesion between IT infrastructure and monitoring solutions, such as SIEM tools and Microsoft SCCM, allowing integration with your existing assess and mitigate procedures.
  • Security hardening aligned with your information security (InfoSec) and IT policies.


Aligning Paper-Based Faxing Processes with a Hybrid Workforce


Fax-as-a-Service with ImageNet & XMedius MSP

ImageNet and XMedius offer a solution to transmitting and receiving sensitive data through a secure, efficient fax system while meeting regulations like HIPAA, FERPA, Section 508m and more.

  • Allows users to send and receive faxes from their email, as well as web upload files from their smartphone or another device.
  • Secure and compliant digital faxing removes the needs for legacy fax machines such as traditional POTS lines and Print Device Fax cards.
  • Increase user management and audit options with Active Directory integration that far surpasses existing system options.
  • Workflow integrations reduce paper documents and increase employee level access to the documents and tools they need.

Reduce your legacy print and fax machines and create secure, digital channels to print, fax, and transfer documents and sensitive information with ImageNet's Managed Print Services today!

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